TURBO’s Management Systems continuous improvement is based on the International Quality System Standard, ISO 9001:2008.TURBO has a proud history that started with true entrepreneurial spirit and a dedicated commitment by its founders over 15 years ago. Today, TURBO stands as a leading manufacturing company with sales over 20000 Tons per year globally.

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TURBO is a leading China supplier of high innovated bucket teeth, adapters, bucket protection system to international markets. Supplying products through five market-focused divisions.

1.Mining Products
2.Construction Products
3.OEM products
4.Industrial (Bucket Manufacturer)
5.Engineered Products
TURBO uses its years of experience to develop innovative products for the mining, construction industries. As a leading heavy engineering company, TURBO can manufacture fully cast steel products from a mass of 1 kg to over 300 Kg for G.E.T Markets.

TURBO core competence

1.Fully (100%) designed teeth, adapters system
2.Metallurgical ( Material composition) innovation. TURBO employs highly skilled metallurgists who develop alloys
3.Top heat treatment machine offers state-of-the-art heat treating for a variety of application. All TURBO teeth are 4.heat treated to meet critical specifications for strength and durability
5.One of the biggest Warehouse capacity in China teeth industry. 2800 Ton stock capacity
6.TURBO is seriously committed to giving customer additional and better services: Our customers are our strategic partners


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