Damper Technology Ltd provide expert damper solutions to industry worldwide. From our head office and manufacturing plant in the UK, subsidiaries in India and North America and through a network of agents and licensed manufacturers we offer a wide range of quality damper products including butterfly dampers, multilouvre dampers, flap diverters, stack dampers, poppet valves and guillotines.

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Damper Technology Ltd are quite simply an Industrial Dampers Manufacturer. We are specialists in the design, manufacture and service of industrial dampers and the many types of actuated control systems associated with damper products. Quality is assured as DTL have been assessed and approved to ISO 9001:2008 specifically as an industrial dampers manufacturer.
DTL is the most reliable brand when it comes to providing solutions for critical application like Waste Heat Recovery Units, FGD systems, Acid Plant Dampers, off shore oil rigs etc.


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