The company is working in 4 different segments: Mining, Constructions, Industries and Municipal Water supply. The products that we cater are highly engineered products and need a very high technical knowledge before get started with selling. The skill set required to market the products comes with understanding of the strategies made by the company.
We as a family only believe in achieving perfection in every work we do. We as colleagues, friends and family help each other to attain the same. There are levels decided for each and every individual for their performance. Specific targets set for every individual to achieve. With every target achieved there are perks that follow.

Training & Development

Periodic Trainings are conducted for improving the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings in different domains:

  1. English Language Training
  2. Personality Grooming Training
  3. Professional Grooming Training

Social Responsibility, wellness programs, emergency trainings etc. are also conducted. Training feedback form is collected to access it’s benefit and employees understanding in various domains.

Fun @ Work:

Employees’ engagement is our core strength and to break the monotony at work and ensure effective working various initiatives are taken. Some of which are:

  1. Birthday Celebrations: we together as a family celebrate birthday of every employees.
  2. Potluck Party with different games conducted at good venues.
  3. Festival Celebration: Nangia family together celebrates & felicitates all festivals and events.
  4. Employees with family are invited to commemorate the events.
  5. Outdoor Meetings: Annual Business meet is conducted out station (for 3 to 5 days). Work is followed by adventure trips loaded with fun and frolics
  6. Apart from above mentioned, management takes the employees out for movie once in a year.

Employee Policies & benefits:

Several monitory (cash) and non-monitory (holiday package, extra leaves, certificates and accolades) benefits are provided to the employees depending on their performances.

Company grants longer leaves twice in a year for the following reasons:
- Study
- Illness
- Accident

Company provides benefits of Mediclaim Policies to self and dependents. Once the employee comapletes the probation period, he/she is bestowed with medical benefits.

Employees also get the benefit of Maternity and Paternity Leaves.

We also provide Personal Accident Policy to each employee. On completion of the probation, each employee is benefitted with this policy.

New joinees also have the privilege to avail the increment benefits before completion of a year in the organization, i.e. even if they are a month old they can avail the increment benefits via their performance at work.

Sunday / Holiday working Encashment : In case employees have to work on holidays, they get paid salary for the same along with the monthly salary.

Handsome benefits are provided once in a year to those excelling in their arenas and thinking out of box for the benefit of organization.

CL – Reimbursement : Non utilized CL’s are reimbursed along with monthly salary.

Fast Forward: New joinees are provided with full opportunities to prove them in their areas and can be promoted to managerial level within 6 months

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