Directorial Page

Mr.Gagan Nangia

Founder and Managing Director: Nangia Traders Pvt. Ltd
Proprietor: Nangia Traders

The start of the journey was small with big ideas in mind. The idea to have a corporate house; the idea for helping people make a better life. With a constant focus and amazing leadership skills lead to the transformation of man to a role model. The never loosing strategy of attaining perfection in each and every work done is the key to the success achieved by him. The Constant mode of perfection is flown down the stream from him for the family members to follow.

Mr. Nangia believes in growing a family, not in terms of just increasing people but also growing them as a building: helping them to reach new heights, trees: helping them become strong and enhancing the living standards. With a motto of reaching a hand down towards people to pull them up, Mr. Nangia has always been into the strategy of constant promotion and hiring new people under them. Nurturing the employee from a plant to become a tree.

The idea of expansion is the driving force behind the constantly innovating mind, from one field to another: Mining, Construction, Industries and Municipal Supply, in his leadership the company has achieved great heights and a name for itself. Creating a goodwill in the customers through leadership is the perfect attribute shown and taught to the sub-ordinates to reflect the same.

With much done and so much more to achieve, planning has been the key area. From the addition of new brands to direct import, wandering into new fields for opportunity and finding ways to grow.

In one line, Mr. Nangia can be described as the perfect role model for the people working in the organization.