Brief History

The company started from a short note and with all the efforts and struggle put in has shown its flying colors. Nangia Traders, a small beginning to a present and for a prosperous future! We were established in 1987 as a proprietorship firm and dealt in only spare parts of automotive. Due to the slump in automotive market during the 90s, we shifted from automotive to spares of drilling rigs and started our supply in government departments like GWD/PHED. Became the king there! In 2004 we got our first multinational collaboration. Donaldson, the first MNC to join hand with. We have over achieved the targets always and will always do. Since then we haven’t looked back. One after other the company found trust in us and kept adding. Now after 10 years, we are distributors for 16 MNCs’ and a well renowned trading house in Rajasthan. With an aspiration to cross 50crore this year, we may also be considered in the top 5 trading house of the Rajasthan State.

Our forte in business has been diversification. We have diversified from a automotive spare dealer to a group of companies now dealing in 4 different segment; Mining, Construction, Industry and Municipal Water Supply.

Every company has a code. Our is family! In our family, we demonstrate the values well placed in the system through policies and practices that reflect in effective retention practices. All the staffs are like and has always been considered as a family. We have people working here since 10-12 years. Not just one but 9. Some exception being as a 27 year old employee, since the inception of the company.

In our journey till now, we retained the traditional aspects that make us a strong company, namely a wide range of proven products and the know-how of a highly experienced team. On our way, however, we took new aspects onboard such as courage, leadership, initiative and motivation. They not only help us extend our know-how, they also enable us to offer our customers solutions and services no-one else can.

But taking a new course does not mean that we threw important values overboard. We are, and will remain, a customer-focussed company. For us, trust and personal service are not just empty words.

Taken together, our purpose, Values and Principles are the foundation for Nangia’s unique culture. Throughout our history of over 27 years, our business has grown and changed while these elements have endured, and will continue to be passed down to the generation to come. Our purpose unifies us in a common cause of the Nangia family with the growth strategy of improving the life of customer, internal or external, in a small but meaningful ways each day. Our values reflect the behaviour that shape the tone of how we work with each other.

We feel this was just a short node to the story and there is a lot more to come. We look towards humungous and prosperous future for the company and the ‘Nangia Family’.